August 31, 2008

Boss, satu Nasi Lemak, Satay, Roasted Chicken, Ikan Goreng Sambal, Cendol, dan BoboChacha!

Hahaha Today I have dinner in Malaysian Restaurant.. Yeah Malaysia food~~ finally.. we happened to go there just coincidentally, the restaurant appeared in front of us suddenly..
We have 2 Malaysian, 1 American, and 1China Chinese. Neither of them tried any Malaysian food before..

We decided to order Satay, Nasi Lemak, Fried Ikan Sambal, Japanese Roasted Chicken, Cendol and Bobo Chacha for desserts.

Satay: NOT nice at all, some how it tasted weird, doesn't taste like how's satay should taste like, a little bit sour...

Nasi Lemak: the rice taste really not bad, but the sambal.. err.. haihz, I miss the original Sambal so much..

Fried Ikan Sambal: it looks how it suppose to look like, taste ok, just not spicy enough, not tasty enough, that's all..

Japanaes Fried Chicken: haha yeah, it's from the menu, why we didn't order curry chicken? because our friend from China want to order this rather than curry chicken, we saw this dish from the other table first, and it looks nice, yeah, and it does taste good too.. chicken skin was so crispy (like roasted chicken in chicken rice)~~ Just wonder why this dish appear in the menu? as long as it taste good lar!

Cendol: this is really nice, original taste from Malaysia! not sure abt Bobo Cha Cha.. my friend said it doesn't that nice~

Too much critiquesize for the dinner tonight, hahah.. mm.. Overall: okok~, 2nd time? Yea, for the sake of the cendol~ but for sure wont visit there again so soon!
Anyway, it's worth to try it, you'll never know how is malaysia food taste like in foreign country, nothing just come eventually..

& the price.. costed us about $60, and thanks a lot to my friend from China, Summer because she's the one who pay for the meal~ Thank you Thank you! hope our non-malaysian friends don't have a bad impression on Malaysian food.. and got a chance to try the original taste of it~
why we didn't order Roti Canai? because 1 Roti Canai costed $4.95, I not gonna to eat it!
too bad I didn't bring my camera along so I can't take any of the photo.. errhhh


西门小弟 said...

that is extremely expensive!!! some more taste okok only

Ben Lam said...

Ya, I can learn how to make roti canai and sell here, will be rich~