March 25, 2009

The LOMO Attitude! 樂魔 The Negative Effect by Dick Chua

For those who interested in lomography, check this out!

A recent documentary that recorded there's people (in Malaysia) who still in love with films, the old fashioned way! But so what if it's old? Just like you like old mini cooper, VW beetle, or even Beatles! The fact is old fashioned Nasi Lemak always taste the best!

樂魔 The Negative Effect directed by Dick Chua a.k.a. D1 Production.

March 17, 2009

A Reminder from Don Bluth x A Cliché Gag from Ben Lam

From the book of The Art of Storyboard ---------------->

Don Bluth
said that,

'I never concentrate on doing good sketches on the first pass, but place my focus instead on the emotional power that emerges from my imagination. With each new sketch,

I ask myself the same TWO QUESTION:

What Am I Trying to Say,
What Do I Want the Audience to Feel?

If I can't answer these two questions, I'm not ready to draw, so I put the pencil down. '
(page. 22)

::What do you think? It apply in doing animation as well, If I can't answer these two questions, I'm not ready to animate...::

FYI, this is a very fun book to read at. Mr. Bluth shared his view of his career, not the history nor the drawing skill, but the positive attitude that we need all the time. Mr. Bluth showed his talent; moreover, his passionate in storytelling industry.


My last week Storyboard class assignment-
Here is your story: two characters are traveling down a road or path and something falls from the sky.

Can you believe this?! I created such cliché gag into my storyboard in 21st century.....!!! I'm running out of idea...

Oh~ by the way, the final ending could be a coke logo, or sprite, or pepsi.... whichever accept such cliché idea... Enjoy~

March 11, 2009

Trunk x Monkey x Mr. Bond x Mustang GT x Presentation Board = Concept art?

My latest assignment for storyboarding class,

Presentation Board for Advertising industry,

is a board that you draw to present to your client, to pitch the job, to convince them, to get the contact.

I learned the different between presentation board & production board, & got to know how ppl in advertising world expect the presentation board is.

Final Outline

image reference from internet

color thumb


I never know whether I will be in advertising field or not. The fact is- CG needed in TV commercial, as well as storyboarding, especially in Malaysia.

Anyway, this is a good practice for me, esp digital painting. Furthermore, this 'presenatation board' thing might meant similar with 'concept art'- convert your idea into visual & present to your director.

We just need to do more practice in drawings. Enjoy~ =D