September 22, 2008


点与点行成线, 线与线行成面, 面与面行成体; 体与体就成了空间, 空间移动时就有了时间; 这就是所谓的时空, 将时空扩大就成了宇宙...

这是否就和 《易经》 中的: 易有太极, 是生两仪; 两仪生四象, 四象生八卦.. 是相辅相成的?

我们每天所对着的 Maya 也是建造于这概念吧~


September 14, 2008

Sneaker Eater

Sneaker Eater

This is a new project I'm going to start, named 'Sneaker Eater'. It took me abt 6 hours to paint this. Based on a Nike Dunk SB reference. More updates on this project will be posted in the future! Behold~^^

September 12, 2008

07 Reel: Walkcycle Part 01 [Normal...?]

Walkcycle is 1 of the difficult thing to make it good, especially a 'normal' walkcycle. This is what I did during my term break: 'Normal' walkcycle.

What is 'normal'? Does a character act nothing at all is called 'normal'? without any expression/emotion called 'normal'? Or without any exaggeration on the animation/movement is called 'normal'? It's not easy to give a clear definition. Somehow I always feel a character who act nothing at all, no expression/emotion is kind of fake, as he pretend to be 'normal' but he's actually not. A normal character doesn't act 'normal'.

This is how I did, I try to reduce the exaggeration to the max; I just don like to animate a character without any exaggeration, it's not an animation to me.

And try to add an emotion to this character, with a subtle facial expression and body gesture. Just imagine when a person walking on the street, he must have some kind of emotion with him: He is happy today, or sad, mad, or bored...

Of cause, some study and analyze on how to do a walkcycle have been done as well. Like few good reading, look at how's human walk...~

Btw, this is a Norman character, which provided by my character animation class instructor.
I actually still working on these, not the final aniamtion yet. Perhaps I can reduce the followthrough that I did for its hands and foot. Comments and critiques is welcome~!! =D

Normal Walkcycle 01 (a little bit of joy~)

Normal Walkcycle 02 (frustrating...)

Normal Walkcycle (this suppose to be happy walkcycle! haah^^)

September 06, 2008

Principles of Animation

Let's revise a bit of the Principles of Animation:

1. Squash & Stretch
2. Anticipation
3. Staging
4. Followthrough & Overlapping Action
5. Slow-in Slow out/ Fast-in Fast out
6. Exaggeration
7. Secondary Action
8. Weight
9. Timing
10. Straight Ahead & Pose to Pose
11. Solid Drawings
12. Appeal

How many do you still remember?

06 Reel: Raty Live

Another project that I involved in Passion Republic, the 2nd Raty project. We tried to do some animation test for our Raty character for the purpose of this project. I remember Simon is the one who propose the idea: we comp our cg character with real live footage. And this is how it began...~

I'm the one who had been assigned to handle this project. I tried to brainstorm of few different simple story at first..& I've been through some discussion with Boss, Asn, how we design the story, the action/ acting of our character Raty. Also, the schedule/timeline for this project...

I shoot the background photo, capture some good angle, and figure out how's the camera work.. Continue work on the storyboard, animatic, and of cause, we act it out~

I animate most of the shots, shot 01 was animated by me and Asn did some modification on it later on, & shot 04 was animated by Asn.

The rest was done by me, from animation, to lighting & rendering (Final Gather), compositing, editing etc.

Like their website said, this is FOR FUN PURPOSE ONLY! Yea, I really enjoy doing this so much, because it's FUN~! especially when I'm 'interacting' with Raty...phew~

Raty Live, copyright reserved to Passion Republic


animatic, copyright reserved to Passion Republic

September 05, 2008

First day of class..

Today is my first day of class!! Yea, Character Animation 2, my instructor name is Mohhamed Allababidi. 1 of the 1st few things he mentioned is,

"Keep the Passion.. You've to love what you're doing!"

Hahah ya he's right, this is the real main spirit to become a good animator! It's actually apply to everything that we're doing! Every position every job.. no matter what you do. Somehow the fact is we're always struggeling for the sake of money.. it's sad, but nothing stop us!

It always remind me those days in TOA, yes miss those days~ I'm glad that I always get the chance to meet nice & great people everywhere. Thanks God~!!