December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!

Wish You All Merry Christmas & Happy New Year~!!

Not doing good in 2008? too sad in 2008? or too lazy in 2008?
Don't worry let's do our best in this coming 2009!

Wish you ALL THE BEST!

Step Into 23

Finally I step into 23~!
Thanks for those who celebrate & wish me! ^^

Thanks Justin, Hammy, Horry, Carlyn, Richard, Wayne, Jing, Ivy, XIN..~

Thank you! Thank you!
& Hammy, pls send me the photo you have~! Thanks..

December 12, 2008

"Disney Studios Artist's Tryout Book" from 1938

This is GREAT, animators/ cg artist should read & study this.. at least have a look~

Original source from: ASIFA Animation Archive Blog

Thanks Uncle Marcus William Tee Jin Liang for sharing this blog with me few weeks ago~!

December 11, 2008

AAU x Fall Animation Festival x Eric Goldberg

It was AAU's Fall Animation Festival last Friday, with featured speaker: Eric Goldberg, an experienced (very) 2D Animator & Director.

He came & shared how he get involved in animation industry, his career & some of his work. It's pretty inspiring. Not only his amazing drawing+animation skills, but also his right attitude & big passion to his work, HE LOVE WHAT HE's DOING!

Fantasia Flamingos
I'm sure you watched this before, part of Fantasia 2000, directed by Eric Goldberg

During the Q&A session, somebody asked him shall a walkcycle divide from the story.. ( I actually not so sure what's his complete question..sorry sorry) Eric Goldberg said, 'There's a different between 2D & 3D animators is that 3D animators tend to do a Familiar(Normal) Walkcycle 1st, and another walkcycle with personality later. (This is what 3D animators' tasks is given usually..)
However, 2D animators never think there is any walkcycle which is Familiar/Normal. Every single walkcycle come with a personality, even a very subtle one.. I strongly agree with this, if you check my older post, I realized this when I'm doing my walkcycle, when I tried to observe how's other ppl walk, & you'll realize every normal human walk with certain personality/emotion, some of them are rushing, or relaxing, or they looks happy, or at least you can see they're actually thinking something.

A normal/familiar walkcycle is not a robotic walk. Again, normal people doesn't act normal, because they're (already) normal. Perhaps only abnormal ppl tend to be as normal as they can be..

But how abt animation? How are we going to do a good walkcycle? Of couse we need to study the every movement of human walk, from the realistic world.. but don't forget that animation is abt exaggeration too, even a lil of exaggerate on your character's walk would spark up your entire animation~! Cheers ^^ (this is what I said, not Eric Goldberg..HAHA)

' Honestly I not sure what's the purpose of writing all of these..
don't think whoever is reading this is interested in neitheranimation nor my own opinion.. least i posted sth here, since I've been so long nvr updates here..
lately I'm very busy with my assignment..
really sorry abt that~hoho :p '