December 24, 2008

Step Into 23

Finally I step into 23~!
Thanks for those who celebrate & wish me! ^^

Thanks Justin, Hammy, Horry, Carlyn, Richard, Wayne, Jing, Ivy, XIN..~

Thank you! Thank you!
& Hammy, pls send me the photo you have~! Thanks..


k said...

waaaahh .. NICE key chain!!!
it is soooo COOL~!!!

Ben Lam said...

nice? hehehe thanks!
somebody said that key chain remind her of ben but then she ask ben does the key chain looks yaki?...

k said...

really ar? why she ask like tat geh?
well I guess cz she scare u think it is yaki ... so she just ask ask to ensure U do not think it is yaki.
Anyway, her main purpose was to brighten up your day .... i guess la, i donno cz i am not her?

Ben Lam said...

omg... xin..k.. u don't 人格分裂..! Don't!!

k said...

who is xin who is k now??
Hmm .....