August 31, 2008

Boss, satu Nasi Lemak, Satay, Roasted Chicken, Ikan Goreng Sambal, Cendol, dan BoboChacha!

Hahaha Today I have dinner in Malaysian Restaurant.. Yeah Malaysia food~~ finally.. we happened to go there just coincidentally, the restaurant appeared in front of us suddenly..
We have 2 Malaysian, 1 American, and 1China Chinese. Neither of them tried any Malaysian food before..

We decided to order Satay, Nasi Lemak, Fried Ikan Sambal, Japanese Roasted Chicken, Cendol and Bobo Chacha for desserts.

Satay: NOT nice at all, some how it tasted weird, doesn't taste like how's satay should taste like, a little bit sour...

Nasi Lemak: the rice taste really not bad, but the sambal.. err.. haihz, I miss the original Sambal so much..

Fried Ikan Sambal: it looks how it suppose to look like, taste ok, just not spicy enough, not tasty enough, that's all..

Japanaes Fried Chicken: haha yeah, it's from the menu, why we didn't order curry chicken? because our friend from China want to order this rather than curry chicken, we saw this dish from the other table first, and it looks nice, yeah, and it does taste good too.. chicken skin was so crispy (like roasted chicken in chicken rice)~~ Just wonder why this dish appear in the menu? as long as it taste good lar!

Cendol: this is really nice, original taste from Malaysia! not sure abt Bobo Cha Cha.. my friend said it doesn't that nice~

Too much critiquesize for the dinner tonight, hahah.. mm.. Overall: okok~, 2nd time? Yea, for the sake of the cendol~ but for sure wont visit there again so soon!
Anyway, it's worth to try it, you'll never know how is malaysia food taste like in foreign country, nothing just come eventually..

& the price.. costed us about $60, and thanks a lot to my friend from China, Summer because she's the one who pay for the meal~ Thank you Thank you! hope our non-malaysian friends don't have a bad impression on Malaysian food.. and got a chance to try the original taste of it~
why we didn't order Roti Canai? because 1 Roti Canai costed $4.95, I not gonna to eat it!
too bad I didn't bring my camera along so I can't take any of the photo.. errhhh

August 29, 2008

The Passion Republic: The Introduction & Ratty on Mission

Passion Republic/ Passion Fruit Animation House, a passionate & talented CG production house that you must know~ which also the first production company that I joined. A place which full of great, funny & potential artist, with their unique/ strong characteristic, of cause they're passionate with what they doing, and know what they doing very well.

The Founder, Aik Sern is the one who want to create good, positive, healthy culture/ environment in local cg industry as well as having great contributions to the industry!

They've just launched their website and having updates, check out their work and you may get inspired~

Below is 1 of their animation shorts, Raty on Mission, as you can see they made their full effort on character design, modeling, storyboard, animation, lighting, rendering, compositing, visual effects, the entire production~

copyright reserved to Passion Republic

The 1st shot was animated by me, yea I involved in this project, & I enjoy doing it very much! esp we have a acting session, for animation references and timing.. & for fun! haahahah =)

August 25, 2008

Figure Studio: My Life Drawing Class Part 02

The 1st class assignment, that required us to choose and copy 1 of the Great painters' painting during 15th-18th century, & this is what I've chosen, The Raising of the Cross, by a Baroque painter in 17th century, Peter Paul Rubens.
Reference, Original painting by Peter Paul Rubens, The Raising of the Cross.
My drawing, which actually I just need to focus on only 1 figure- Jesus Christ rather than drawing all of the other characters.. phew~ or else I'm gonna to be crazy..
Anyway, the body of Jesus Christ was painted clean & fine in the painting, which actually not according to the fact that the body of Jesus Christ was bleed, full of scars and injured seriously, as you can see from the movie The Passion of Christ.

The 2nd assignment, copy and draw from a photograph of portrait. I found this reference from library, a photography book which full of celebrities' portraits. Luke Perry, an American actor.
Reference, photograph of Luke Perry
The Final Drawing

The 3rd, also the last assignment of Figure Studio Class, required us to copy n draw the drawings of Pierre Paul Prud'hon, a French Romantic painter with his great figure drawings. References was provided by our instructor, Zack.
Reference, Original drawing by Pierre Paul Prud'hon
In this assignment we need to show 2 drawings, 1 of it is the outline and construction line of the final drawing (left above). Right above is my self-practice on tone paper.
My Final Drawing

*Neither tracing nor projection were used in these 3 assignments, drew by charcoal heeh~

August 23, 2008

Figure Studio: My Life Drawing Class Part 01

Drawings from my first class, Figure Studio, which basically teach how to draw human, from proportion, structure, form of muscles, light and shadow (shading) of human. Study from live male/female model. I selected few drawings from my entire classes which I think it's looks fine to show you all heeh.. For your information, my instructor is Zack Zdrale.
Why animator need know to draw? From learn how to draw,you learn how to see, as you have to observe and analyze and express it well in order to become a good animator
=) quote from Tom Bertino

fast sketch in class 10 seconds to 10 minutes

with some shading in class...

complete portrait drawings in class

more finishing drawings in class..

tone paper drawings in class

complete class drawings 01
complete class drawings 02
complete class drawings 03

August 16, 2008

San Francisco: Union Square

Taken these on last Friday.. walk around Union Square & play with my new Dslr Canon 400D, my 1st try.. still not familiar with the setting still learning~ check this out!

Panorama, damn fake

Street live performer!

You can go now

Over exposure! but I like it

my name..


his expression..


love Louis Vuiiton?


artist X his artworks X audience

back to back

bird marching

Over exposure! but I like it again~

advertisement around the city

happy feet

she missed her flight..

he kissing..??


Street live performer!

& my lunch, Carls' Jr

Powell Station

More photos will be post soon ^^

Beijing Olympic 2008

The last scene of Beijing Olympic 2008 Opening Ceremony (Li-Ning ran towards to the final Olympic torch in the mid of the air) was so impressive. The visual was so strong impact and touched, which also made me so excited and tears in my eye.. heeh can't believe huh.. A live performance that made people remember yet not anyone can create something like this, an idea which works perfectly. Respect to the director of this opening ceremony~!

I drew this in year 2004, few years ago.. just want to show here again because it's OLYMPIC right now! Hahah All the best, Malaysian athletes!

August 08, 2008

My bro said it's very nice... Olympic 2008 Open Ceremony

I missed Beijing Olympic Open Ceremony... Anyone know where & how I can watch the repeat online in US please tell me! Thanks!!

( Online Broadcasting from China site like or is not working here, they only allow broadcast within China mainland and Macao area, due to the regulations of IOC...)


I gave this card to Xia, my AAU advocate as a Thank You card today. (She leaving tomorrow) She is one of the first few friends I met in school, who I spent some time to talk with.
Wish her all the best in pursuing greatness towards her future career!

Anyway, here comes the TRYOUT #3, (the color of the printed version is so out with my original design..) I tend to create this character with the elements of cartoon characters from 1920's, I think it's pretty obvious from the design~ Btw, I'll named him...
this'll be my self-promote item/namecard ^^

August 07, 2008

The 6 unit of Credits

Summer semester is end~ It's a short semester, only 7.5 weeks and I earned 6 credits, but don't know abt my grade yet... Anyway, I'm going post some of my works that I did this semester, after I come back from LA.. hahah Yeah~ I going to LA this Sunday, attending Siggraph conference!

I bought a new Dslr.. Canon EOS 400D~ (at 1st thought of buying 450D) just got it few hours ago.. So I'll post some photograph soon here as well, I want to record down whatever things and people I find nice here.. with a better camera, better quality, tend to be more professional..
I have abt 1 month break now but I can't wait for the next semester.. because I want to meet more people! got really little friends here..

planning to do walkcycle animation during this break, as to keep myself practicing and learning.. hopefully can work out something really good to show people! haah (I'll be working on my dad's church website as well!)

August 05, 2008

04 Reel: 'MTV' Project

This is NOT done for MTV. No profit was made nor make in the future. It's is my self-learn project and portfolio for myself. Have been spent time on exploring/work out with the graphic background. Hope it mix really well with the character animation and create strong visual impact to you. Skateboard animation will be my next list!

August 01, 2008

I miss you like hungry..

I miss you all!!! :-
1. 烧鸡饭
2. 肉骨茶
3. Nasi Lemak
4. Ramli Burger
5. Roti Canai
6. Maggi Goreng
7. 云吞面
8. 蚊伊面
9. 福建面
10. 板面
especially nasi lemak, I think I smell it this morning.......
OK, I'll eat you all NOW! in my dream... muahahahahha Yummy~