August 08, 2008

My bro said it's very nice... Olympic 2008 Open Ceremony

I missed Beijing Olympic Open Ceremony... Anyone know where & how I can watch the repeat online in US please tell me! Thanks!!

( Online Broadcasting from China site like or is not working here, they only allow broadcast within China mainland and Macao area, due to the regulations of IOC...)


西门小弟 said...

aiya... they got repeat after the live show the day after, but i think now is too late, maybe you go youtube and search see got people upload or not~
anyway... hehe, i did watch ^^ is very nice, and i wrote down some comment about it, fell free to read at my blog =P

Ben Lam said...

I watched it hehe, US here didn't broadcast live, so I watch the delay

西门小弟 said...

oo... good lo at least they got show xD