August 23, 2008

Figure Studio: My Life Drawing Class Part 01

Drawings from my first class, Figure Studio, which basically teach how to draw human, from proportion, structure, form of muscles, light and shadow (shading) of human. Study from live male/female model. I selected few drawings from my entire classes which I think it's looks fine to show you all heeh.. For your information, my instructor is Zack Zdrale.
Why animator need know to draw? From learn how to draw,you learn how to see, as you have to observe and analyze and express it well in order to become a good animator
=) quote from Tom Bertino

fast sketch in class 10 seconds to 10 minutes

with some shading in class...

complete portrait drawings in class

more finishing drawings in class..

tone paper drawings in class

complete class drawings 01
complete class drawings 02
complete class drawings 03

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