August 16, 2008

San Francisco: Union Square

Taken these on last Friday.. walk around Union Square & play with my new Dslr Canon 400D, my 1st try.. still not familiar with the setting still learning~ check this out!

Panorama, damn fake

Street live performer!

You can go now

Over exposure! but I like it

my name..


his expression..


love Louis Vuiiton?


artist X his artworks X audience

back to back

bird marching

Over exposure! but I like it again~

advertisement around the city

happy feet

she missed her flight..

he kissing..??


Street live performer!

& my lunch, Carls' Jr

Powell Station

More photos will be post soon ^^


西门小弟 said...

wahaha I'm the 1st ( ^oo^)v
i like the bird very Q
wah... Carls' Jr eat too much later u become last time the size when u at passion haha~~

BeAr said...

i wan carl's jr too ^^

Ben Lam said...

Carl's Jr here very nice~!!! & it's cheaper among the fast food..
will only stop eating after I become last time passion fruit size haah~

Bear, let's go eat together later k!!

西门小弟 said...

than no point 减肥 already last time... lol

Ben Lam said...

Good food always come first, 减肥...since now not very fat so is still ok =)

Darren Lim :: 上煌 said...

the fake panorama shot, should see more sky, will got more impact

Dick Chua said...

nice street shots! So regret last time I didn't had a DSLR when I was at Vancouver... :(

Ben Lam said...

Darren: yea, thanks for your suggestion. btw, I going to make my room panaroma shot haha

Dick: Don't worry la, 1 day you may have a chance to go to Vancouver again? who know~

pIGgY yaN a.k.a mama said...

nice photo capture!!

batman said...

over explosion but i like it.... = =" 自恋狂.. hahahaha

Ben Lam said...

why 自恋狂? hahahah

西门小弟 said...

didn't shot your big portrait let us see haha~

Ben Lam said...

so miss me? wanna see my big portrait photo.. haha