August 07, 2008

The 6 unit of Credits

Summer semester is end~ It's a short semester, only 7.5 weeks and I earned 6 credits, but don't know abt my grade yet... Anyway, I'm going post some of my works that I did this semester, after I come back from LA.. hahah Yeah~ I going to LA this Sunday, attending Siggraph conference!

I bought a new Dslr.. Canon EOS 400D~ (at 1st thought of buying 450D) just got it few hours ago.. So I'll post some photograph soon here as well, I want to record down whatever things and people I find nice here.. with a better camera, better quality, tend to be more professional..
I have abt 1 month break now but I can't wait for the next semester.. because I want to meet more people! got really little friends here..

planning to do walkcycle animation during this break, as to keep myself practicing and learning.. hopefully can work out something really good to show people! haah (I'll be working on my dad's church website as well!)


Dick Chua said...

hahahaha! Welcome to the DSLR family!!! 400D, good choice!! :)

Ben Lam said...

Don't really remember how to adjust those settings actually.. long time nvr touch SLR camera! T.T

k said...

Enjoy your trip to LA Ben ---
(***souvenirs !!! xxxx kekeke)


Happy END of semester~!!! ^^

西门小弟 said...

holy! now all my friends surrounding me is camera already @..@

Ben Lam said...

Yea Xin, talk to you again after I come back ya!

Ben Lam said...

you shud get 1 too simon hehe, anyway, will post some of my photograph soon.. =P