August 25, 2008

Figure Studio: My Life Drawing Class Part 02

The 1st class assignment, that required us to choose and copy 1 of the Great painters' painting during 15th-18th century, & this is what I've chosen, The Raising of the Cross, by a Baroque painter in 17th century, Peter Paul Rubens.
Reference, Original painting by Peter Paul Rubens, The Raising of the Cross.
My drawing, which actually I just need to focus on only 1 figure- Jesus Christ rather than drawing all of the other characters.. phew~ or else I'm gonna to be crazy..
Anyway, the body of Jesus Christ was painted clean & fine in the painting, which actually not according to the fact that the body of Jesus Christ was bleed, full of scars and injured seriously, as you can see from the movie The Passion of Christ.

The 2nd assignment, copy and draw from a photograph of portrait. I found this reference from library, a photography book which full of celebrities' portraits. Luke Perry, an American actor.
Reference, photograph of Luke Perry
The Final Drawing

The 3rd, also the last assignment of Figure Studio Class, required us to copy n draw the drawings of Pierre Paul Prud'hon, a French Romantic painter with his great figure drawings. References was provided by our instructor, Zack.
Reference, Original drawing by Pierre Paul Prud'hon
In this assignment we need to show 2 drawings, 1 of it is the outline and construction line of the final drawing (left above). Right above is my self-practice on tone paper.
My Final Drawing

*Neither tracing nor projection were used in these 3 assignments, drew by charcoal heeh~


西门小弟 said...

oo i'm back! hehe, omg long time didn't see life drawong liao, but i didn't miss it >.< haha cos not really like to draw T-T

carlyn said...

Wow ben...that's very cool! How come you have to do such classes? o.o Did you choose that?

I'm back in US by the way :)

Ben Lam said...

I actually don't have to choose this class, but since I'm here, I want to learn/see how's ppl here do and teach life drawings heeh

Welcome back!! ^^

Ben Lam said...

Simon:- any reason why you don like to draw? what you like?

calyx said...

oh i see! that's cool :) Can see improvement definitely!

And thanks X3

Ben Lam said...

improvement?? wow..~ thank you thank you!
who is carlyx?