December 22, 2009

Billions Thanks, & It's END of 2009...

Good Friends..
that brought me unforgettable memory..

Thanks everyone who celebrate birthday with me.. Thanks Thanks Thanks!
You guys are so awesome!

Thanks God for the 1 & half years guidance & leading in faith & study life in US..
May what I doing & achieving is glorifying Him but not myself.. >.< style="font-style: italic;font-size:130%;" >BYE 2009

Hi 2010 =)

December 11, 2009

Early Christmas Wishing: Prep & Landing

Due to the final of this semester... I guess I would have no time to update my blog until this Christmas over... (& by then I'm already at home enjoying mum's cooking~ home sweet home~!)

simple yet touching story, awesome animation, beautiful design, great humors.. I think this is really well done for TV animation~!!
(ofcoz, it's by Disney studio..~)

Yeah~ Hope you guys enjoy this & wish u an early...

yeah, back to work >.<

Another youtube link but there's only Part 1 the first half