July 31, 2008

03 Reel: Milk, from Modeling to Animation

Main character from my final project during TOA.. From modeling to animation, excluding pre-pro, texture, paintweight and lighting. Something that I did 2 years ago~


Just finished this today, quite happy with the result. White background version is the 1st I created, something I wanted to create at 1st; but after a few different tried out, the black bg attract me the most. & I created 2 monotone versions, gray & purple color scale, just for fun! =D


Drew this last 2 weeks, during my spare time.. end up with a odd drawing. . Anyway, it's just a try out, I'm so much need to be improved!

July 26, 2008

02 Reel: Crocodile, from Modeling to Animation

A simple crocodile which done by me for a TV commercial. It actually just appear on screen not more than 4 seconds... Don't want to waste it, so I made it something extra: a walkcycle and a short animation test. It's fun to animate it~ =)

July 21, 2008

01 Reel: Showreel

Showreel which compiled some of my works that I've done previously. From 3d to drawings, nothing specific, but a sneak peak of my works. More clips will be posted soon~


Have been thinking to start my own blog for quite awhile time.. and finally, here it comes~ => my 3d works, arts, designs, photograph etc; whatever I like and nice (or bad), will be updated and shared here, in this blog.

This is the first post I made here, and I wonder when is going to be my last post? Can this blog last for 10 years or more? You're thinking too far. Just see how it goes~ enjoy =D