July 21, 2008


Have been thinking to start my own blog for quite awhile time.. and finally, here it comes~ => my 3d works, arts, designs, photograph etc; whatever I like and nice (or bad), will be updated and shared here, in this blog.

This is the first post I made here, and I wonder when is going to be my last post? Can this blog last for 10 years or more? You're thinking too far. Just see how it goes~ enjoy =D


k said...

If you want this to happen, then it WILL last that long =)
it's a matter of persistency and a matter of TIME ^^
I will check out your blog from time to time, so perhaps the liveliness would endure your persistency?

||All The Best ...

Ben Lam said...

Wow~here comes the first comment! persistency means what? It'll continue to move on as long as YOU're viewing this blog!

ben said...
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Orang Babi said...

Ah Ben~!!! Saya Bacaing Blok anda juga, jagan macam tahi ayam, mesti tetap updat blok anda, tambah minyak~!!!

Ben Lam said...

Siapa tu orang babi kat sana? jika saya tak tetap updat blok saya, saya akan macam tahi ayam? hahahah
okok, saya akan cuba best saya updat kat sini. Terima kasih!