July 24, 2009

White Slim Angel I

Here's some new photos~

It's basically a Mexican area. I felt like I'd back to Malaysia.. >.<
Have Fun =)

July 16, 2009

The Wanna Be Project

Do check out my another blog, The Wanna Be Project!

I'll constantly updates the progress of my thesis project there, as I try to make it specific, differentiate it out from my personal art blog here.

For those who don't know what thesis is, it's basically my final project for my MFA study in AAU. I've to finish it in order to graduate..

Thesis project, here I come~~!!!

& yeah~ I passed my midpoint 1 hour ago~!! THANKS TO GOD

July 10, 2009

'Vespa' Animation Test

a short animation test I did for my friend's thesis.

well, it would be a deer riding on the bike instead of norman. cheers =)