September 05, 2008

First day of class..

Today is my first day of class!! Yea, Character Animation 2, my instructor name is Mohhamed Allababidi. 1 of the 1st few things he mentioned is,

"Keep the Passion.. You've to love what you're doing!"

Hahah ya he's right, this is the real main spirit to become a good animator! It's actually apply to everything that we're doing! Every position every job.. no matter what you do. Somehow the fact is we're always struggeling for the sake of money.. it's sad, but nothing stop us!

It always remind me those days in TOA, yes miss those days~ I'm glad that I always get the chance to meet nice & great people everywhere. Thanks God~!!


Asn said...

Ben your instructor de name is very interesting! did u tell him your putera blink blink name? cheers and happy passion schooling!!!

Ben Lam said...

Hahaha I didn't tell him I'm putera bling bling because I'm low profile now..don't want to scare him, not so good~

You know he mentioned abt Saladin project when he know we're from Malaysia.. he said somebody has been approach him to do this project before..

ASN said...

oo wa. saladin seem to be famous ya.
n soon malaysia will be very famous too i think :)

Ben Lam said...

Famous? hopefully it's famous in positive/good way! If not, I rather nobody know Malaysia.

My instructor actually said, 'Everyone know Malaysia...' haha