September 06, 2008

06 Reel: Raty Live

Another project that I involved in Passion Republic, the 2nd Raty project. We tried to do some animation test for our Raty character for the purpose of this project. I remember Simon is the one who propose the idea: we comp our cg character with real live footage. And this is how it began...~

I'm the one who had been assigned to handle this project. I tried to brainstorm of few different simple story at first..& I've been through some discussion with Boss, Asn, how we design the story, the action/ acting of our character Raty. Also, the schedule/timeline for this project...

I shoot the background photo, capture some good angle, and figure out how's the camera work.. Continue work on the storyboard, animatic, and of cause, we act it out~

I animate most of the shots, shot 01 was animated by me and Asn did some modification on it later on, & shot 04 was animated by Asn.

The rest was done by me, from animation, to lighting & rendering (Final Gather), compositing, editing etc.

Like their website said, this is FOR FUN PURPOSE ONLY! Yea, I really enjoy doing this so much, because it's FUN~! especially when I'm 'interacting' with Raty...phew~

Raty Live, copyright reserved to Passion Republic


animatic, copyright reserved to Passion Republic


西门小弟 said...

i love the last part xD, acting by you wahahahahaaha~

西门小弟 said...

and my Blog Spot is very easy to add, just add the new "blog list" than retype you link than is ok already

Dick Chua said...

wah ben... you're so geng! One man show did everything!!

Ben Lam said...

Hahah Simon, you want my autograph?
& thanks teaching me how to do the blog list, I'll make it later~

Dick, Geng ler~hahahah not really, i didn't do everything..

Anonymous said...

wow... you're in the US and you can't speak proper english?? that's weird.....