September 12, 2008

07 Reel: Walkcycle Part 01 [Normal...?]

Walkcycle is 1 of the difficult thing to make it good, especially a 'normal' walkcycle. This is what I did during my term break: 'Normal' walkcycle.

What is 'normal'? Does a character act nothing at all is called 'normal'? without any expression/emotion called 'normal'? Or without any exaggeration on the animation/movement is called 'normal'? It's not easy to give a clear definition. Somehow I always feel a character who act nothing at all, no expression/emotion is kind of fake, as he pretend to be 'normal' but he's actually not. A normal character doesn't act 'normal'.

This is how I did, I try to reduce the exaggeration to the max; I just don like to animate a character without any exaggeration, it's not an animation to me.

And try to add an emotion to this character, with a subtle facial expression and body gesture. Just imagine when a person walking on the street, he must have some kind of emotion with him: He is happy today, or sad, mad, or bored...

Of cause, some study and analyze on how to do a walkcycle have been done as well. Like few good reading, look at how's human walk...~

Btw, this is a Norman character, which provided by my character animation class instructor.
I actually still working on these, not the final aniamtion yet. Perhaps I can reduce the followthrough that I did for its hands and foot. Comments and critiques is welcome~!! =D

Normal Walkcycle 01 (a little bit of joy~)

Normal Walkcycle 02 (frustrating...)

Normal Walkcycle (this suppose to be happy walkcycle! haah^^)

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