April 27, 2009

Yeah I'm FAT, SO WHAT?!!

My another assignment from Character Animation class, Get Out from Chair.
Yes, the subject for this assignment is to practice/ learn character weight shifting, from 1 point to another point. The center of gravity, how we move our hips when we lift 1 of our leg up etc.

It's a fun project. Moreover, it's a weird idea.. Tom Bertino asked me where I got this idea from...

well.. I don't know, maybe Wall-E..? I'm not sure.. it just suddenly pop up in my head. I think it would looks very funny in visual... maybe I felt like the character..~

Of course, if you felt offended please leave this page immediately, & come back again after 2 weeks. Thanks!

btw, it's Norman rig.


西門小弟 said...

the outlook looks fat, but the animation, doesn't looks like he really fat, especially when he stand up step few step that part >.<

Ben Lam said...

hahah simon u'r so cool! really great observation..!
do u have any suggestion to make it move really fat, more heavy? what's the thing that you think is lacking off?