April 18, 2009

The Fighting of Flour Sack

Here's my latest flour sack that I just completed 2 month ago. Yea, another/ new 3d Flour Sack..! which I found myself enjoying animate it..~ with the character rig I got from highend3d.com..


and you can compare the old 3d Flour Sack that I did few years ago.. I model, rig, texture, & lighting the scenes myself, in year 2005..

and the one I drew in 2004.. the 2d Flour Sack. This looks really crappy..~ u won't like it! =)

Finally, submission for springshow 2009 is finally finished (deadline due tomorrow..) !! Yataa~!! have been doing & refining my works for this past few weeks... ofcause, this flur sack is one of it..

& soon, more to come.. especially there's a main big project I'd been work since last semester... I'm going to launch it soon.. stay tuned!


Hammy said...

You know.. I actually liked the 2D one a lot! In fact I felt like it's the funniest of all 3 as well.

You used a lot of motion blur effects in it and that I don't seem to use a lot myself due to feeling insecure about them a lot. But yeah I'm trying to break the grounds on that one to do some 2D motion blurring for fun. 2nd one is good but it ended too fast at the ending, I didn't quite see where that knife is going but I already knew it must have hit her.

Your latest one, obviously has by far the most fluid animation. I really like that run cycle, I think you could have just stopped it the part where he dropped that big rocket though because the other parts didn't seems to make that much sense. You would have wanted to have the lower part leg moving a bit too or 'drooping down'. But overall, REALLY nice work. :D

When will you be in the lab again and are you submitting anything for Springshow??

Ben Lam said...

wuahhah, u like the 3rd one? perhaps u like the idea & story, not the 'flash-like' animation & execution for sure! haah I esp like the part how's the flour transform to the super sack, I think it's a brilliant idea~ (I'm praising myself omg!)

anyway, the 3d flour sack I did in 2005 is basically the sequel of the 2d! but this time the flour sack tend to be more like Bruce Lee or Jet Lee or Jackie Chan.. but no super man!! well there's sort of my 1st approach in Maya, not to mention animation part, even the camera angle, crossing 180 degree line problems bla bla blah... but I still like a lot hehe~

For the latest one, not so sure abt what u said to the 'leg' thing..mm.. & maybe u're right, the 2nd half seems to be too much.. well there's what I want, want to practice more, & I just feel it's too sudden if I just end it at the part of the big rocket launcher fall..

anyway, thanks alot for your comments, appreciate it alot! & yeah, I submitted few for the spring show, included this~ you can check it out at lab's video drop off drive.. there's few very nice work too!

Hammy said...

I will be going to the lab tomorrow morning and probably stay there for as long as possible to get feed backs on my thesis. I kept trying to go today but I ended up refining my works none stop. @@;;

Flour sack, I mean the leg when after he got cut into half, it sort of just stays there and stopped moving, the way I see it, I suppose he may 'sag' some, like you know! A real cloth flowing down thing. :D I guess I prefer simpler stuff since the 2nd one is a bit too much of an action for me. Although action shots are good, but I would never use flour sack to go with it, I guess. It's still good practise though. TRY Norman with an action scene like that!! It should be pretty awesome!

Spring Show.. I don't think I am counting on it that much to get in any. ^^;; I still don't feel my works are good enough but we shall see!!

Best of luck to you too!! :D

HUNG said...

Wow, it's pretty cool. I like the rescue one(3D). Very cute story. The latest one you did in Cathy's class in a little bit nunsense to me, but overall it looks very well done. Good luck on your Dialogue animation, I'm looking forward to seeing it!!!

Ben Lam said...

What do u mean by nunsense?
anyway thanks for dropping me a msg! haha ~ visit more & give more comments!