April 08, 2010

How to Train Your 'Acting Choice'

Acting choice.. IS SO DIFFICULT!!!
do check the comparison below.

The Final Version:

just finished it few days ago, change the entire acting choice of the guy, as well as continue polishing for both characters.


Second Version:

that I posted this few weeks ago, I still feel the acting of the guy is weird.. so weird..


The First Version:

Haah this was actually the first version I did in class.. the context, story, character design are totally different. but.. instructor like it.. ?!! It's such a pain to work on this..


Anyway, let me know which u think is better &

Most important is, as the title mentioned, how to train our acting choice as an animator..? How do we judge the good or bad acting choice, or weird acting choice..?

Alright, I got to watch How to Train Your Dragon this weekend. I MUST WATCH!!!


Marcus Tee Jin Liang said...

yoyoyo... long time no post.

Great animation by the way!

For Second Version, I like the guys acting choices more than the Final Version especially when he picks up the pot to pour the coffee and then his fist slam when "we'll have to kill him".

For the Final version maybe my suggestion for the guy and the reason why he holds on to the pot all the time is because he feels insecure and the pot is like his "shield/protection" something to make him feel more secure. Similar to why a person uses a pillow when he/she is scared at night.

But overall I like first Version, context wise I understand what's happening straight away and for some reason the guy character in this version seems to have a stronger insecure character feel, feels more natural also.

Excuse me for being such a critic, you'll have your chance to blast me back in a few weeks time, will upload a long procrastinated 11 sec entry :)

Ben Lam said...

Thanks alot Jin Liang!
really appreciate it~

comments u made was very true indeed, that's the reason why I changed the acting choice of the guy, I realized when someone feel insecure he will hold sth most of the time, but not moving within the space as he feeling uncomfortable..

for 2nd version, I just feel it's too much movement & behaving unnatural.

thanks again for such long & details critic~
feel bad for not really dropping a comment on ur work..

too much work has been an excuses to me~

anyway, good luck with ur 11 sec challenge~ cant wait to see it haah =D

Marcus Tee Jin Liang said...

No problem, I'm pretty busy myself now that I'm back at Passion. I haven't updated my blog with my own works,just interesting posts about other things :)