March 12, 2010

More, more, more coffee please...!!

A lip sync short that I did at Linda Bel's class last semester.
Animation, Norman Modify, Lighting, rendering were done by me.

I want to get an internship this semester!! huh..~~

Let me know if you guys like this, hate this, or any suggestions & comments are truly appreciated..! yeah XD


Bryant Tan Wee Loon said...

Hey Ben! Interesting dialogue piece you had there.Nice job!

Only thing i felt, certain part the motion kind of jerky? and also.. the pose for the lady on the last frame.. she's like looking somewhere..yet im not sure where is she looking at.. "dau gai ngan"

Hammy said...

Personally, I think the overall of this is more appealing than your pinkish poison? rat killer setup. I also like the guy character's design more, and the background's colors and what not.

I think the dialogue is fun, but yeah the animation needs a lot more work. I am confused by the thinking process of both characters because of where they are looking at.

There's certain part where it felt swimmy, and also some part where it hits the wall. I am sure with JD's training you know what I mean and can try and look at them for yourself! But if you need detailed critiques, try and catch me in the lab at night and I try my best. haha. or just send to JD. :D

Good luck!!