October 15, 2009

Week 01: You Know What Some of the Kids Said?

Yeah yeah, finally I got something to post here~

I'm working on a new clip now which I think it's a pretty good idea if I can share my progress here. =)

I'm taking JD's workshop now, & I'm doing a dialogue piece..

Week 01

In order to do a dialogue animation, you should find yourself a dialogue clip first (of course~).
There are many ways you can get it through internet but it's not easy to get a good one sometime.

Few things to bare in mind:
  1. Look for something contrast in speaking tone, clear accent but not mumbling, less background sound.

  2. Contrast as in emotional changes as well, to show character's thoughts, thinking, emotional gear change.

  3. Avoid too famous actors, movies/ scenes that too recognizable. It's not a good idea if someone recognize where's your dialogue originally from, or who's the original actor who spoke the line, these would cause the audience recall the original scene, & letting your animation down by comparing them.

  4. Not from an animation featured for sure. Just like Michelangelo was not going to re-paint, re-produce Leonardo da Vinci's artworks.

  5. Avoid FXXX or similar words if you're putting it into demoreel. Keep it clean.

  6. If there's more than 1 character conversation, we should look for the 'conflict' between 2 or more characters.
    For example, Character A would like to offer something to Character B but B refuse to accept it.

  7. Be able to create the context that show your brilliant, interesting, creative ideas. We don't want to re-create the similar scene from the dialogue you've choosen.

Here's what I original have.

scene from Omega Man, video sources from youtube.com

I've several other clips from movies like Memento, Legend of 1900 but I decided to work on this because I would like to do something with a cute little girl scene.

However, it's too long, length of 9-12 seconds is always preferable.

& here's the version I edited.

I take out some of the lines to make the topic even more clear & focus, & tried to reduce the background sound (esp the foot step walking sound at the beginning) as well.

Alright, I'm cool with this & I'm ready to move to the next step --> Brainstorm the ideas, Show your talent~

but remember, try not to involve politics, sexual, racist, toilet/dirty jokes, animal abusing, violence issues in it.. if you're putting it into your demoreel.

That's all for week 01, there are more to come. What I mentioned here is basically the basic rules of it.
Hope you like it & find it helpful (whoever reading this). Do let me know what I missed out or to make it better. Thanks!

I'll show my layout for the next post.

Have Fun =)

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