October 15, 2009

Week 02: You Know What Some of the Kids Said

Yeah yeah, after ideas brainstorming from Week 01, I finally decided what I'm going to do!

I'm going to create a scene with a little girl was about to sleep, sitting on her bed & telling her dad about her worries, what she heard from the other kids said in school.

I want to make it a cute, sweet, adorable character animation..

Cast: Little Girl, Dad
Set: Room

After I got my ideas all set, I quickly go into Maya to create the layout with my characters (from modified norman).
I did sketch out my ideas, but too bad I left my sketches in school lab computer..

Anyway, here's my layout.

Haha, surprise~!! Batman?! Yeah, I changed it to Batman instead of 'Dad' because of 2 reasons:

1st, I want to make it looks like a scene from the Batman movies.
2nd, I don't have time to modify a 'Dad' norman..

Something about layout,
I try to make it more 'movie' approach instead of just one camera. It's good to make your piece that looks like it's a scene from movies.

At least I believe it make your work stand out among the dialogue animation, especially student's demoreel. Of course, animation quality is still the king.

Alright, this is actually the 1st layout I created, as you noticed the switch between First & Third camera is the only different.

It's actually not that bad because the 1st shot established everything clearly.. but it turned out too clear for me..

I prefer the top one because it doesn't show Batman at the 1st camera, when it cut to Second shot only people realize... it's Batman!
& they'll scream 'what the hell'.. & this is the respond I want!

Do you like the layout? heeh

So once the layout, cameras are all set, you're ready to animate it!!
But not so fast, before you really begin your animation, some brainstorm & planning should have done as well~

& I'll talk about this in my next post.

Have Fun~ =)


Hammy said...

Awesome Week 1 and Week 2 posts so far. :) I will be trying to start up a Dialogue piece next Spring myself. This would help me think on what I need to prepare too!

Hammy said...

Oh, and Thanks for sharing!!!

Ben Lam said...

Glad you like it~ hope u find this helpful? heeh ^^