June 04, 2009

A Day in San Francisco Zoo

The first Wednesday of every month is the free day of Zoo, with your California ID you can get it free. Other wise you got to pay $15 for entrance fee.

I didn't take much photos because I did more life sketches this time. Yes, zoo is a good place to do quick life sketches, study animals & stuff..

If only the animals in zoo behave more energetic. Don't sleep all the time, don't hide in the cave.. but they've been caged & taken good care. They're like the Narnian captured by the Tashbaan. What else more I can ask from them? Shame on me.

See, I need more practice on drawing animals, definitely. Thanks for this wonderful zoo trip that provided me to do more drawings, & realizing how much more practice I need?

& it's glad to meet others schoolmates that most of them came to zoo to sketch animals as well~! Cheers

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Hammy said...

It was great going there with you guys, and bumping into Arut and the rest! :D Thanks for the fun trip again!! I think your drawing looks great, you seem to focus more on the silhouette and also poses here and there, some of your form looks good and I can tell your penguin is penguin than duck. Nice to see some human drawings in it too!