May 24, 2009


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This is a fake commercial that I did for my class project.

Sneakericious = Sneaker + Delicious

Why NIKE Dunk SB? Because it's my favorite sneaker of all type.

Why sneaker transform/ evolve into a monster? Because it's my imagination as a sneaker lover, no why.

Why sneaker is delicious? Because I ate it before... (cold~~)

This project took me about 5 months to complete.
Start from scratch, to design, modeling, texturing, rigging, animation, lighting, rendering, & compositing etc.
Of course it's not a perfect piece of work, & it would never be.. (especially the reflection on the floor & the animation)
But this is the best I be able to produce so far, due to the time & skill I have.

Thanks Jason Patnode (class instructor) & all my dear friends who commented on my work! Thanks the panels of Spring Show who made this nominated into screening.

It's trully appreciated!

& I'm glad that I showed this to a Pixar's lighting artist & he gave few useful + helpful comments & suggestions~ opps! hehe ^^

Hope you love it. Enjoy!
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Memashow said...

I saw this work of yours many times but still enjoy it very much!
Glad to see this clip on Spring Show screening ^____^

Hammy said...

Congratulation on getting into the Spring show too on just your 2nd year!! That's quite an achievement in my opinion! :) Aim for next year again!

I don't entirely understand the concept itself but I think the execution is very interesting. It'd be more interesting to see the shoe biting off the other competitor shoes than slippers. Haha! Nonetheless, it's original. :) kudos to that!

ToykoF said...

Hey, I saw this one in Springshow screening and I didn't know that it was your.
Congrat man, nice work.

HUNG said...

I know you've been working hard on this for springshow.
It's a really cool clip.
Enjoy your work a lot!

Ben Lam said...

hey ya, Thanks very much guys!!
just to add on, if you think it's only a fake commercial then you're wrong!
what I have here it's more than that. This project means to be more than 'just commercial'!
So behold, guys! will try my best to make the sequel out for the next spring show!
Everything doesn't seems as superficial as it is.

Darren Lim :: 上煌 said...

very nice and interesting~! 5 stars~!

batman said...

wow...~ 组长 doin gud in US keke:p