November 05, 2010

Frank and Ollie, and Cowboy Bebop

Alright, Frank and Ollie (DVD) isn't related to Cowboy Bebop in anyway, but they're the few of the best inspiration materials that I've discovered. Go check them out!

Frank and Ollie DVD

and Cowboy Bebop OST,

making a short film by my own is somehow tiring, but these great inspiration always cheer me up, A LOT~ =D


Ben Lam said...

Oh, and I've took those non animation related links out from my blogs, gotta make it what's more specific in this blog.

Marcus Tee Jin Liang said...

I know what you mean about how hard to make a short by your self. But just keep working on it, don't let the fire die out, and when its done it's done.

Ben Lam said...

Thanks JLiang!
Btw, ur manga have arrived, will find time to send it to u =)

Marcus Tee Jin Liang said...

Sweet, there should be 2 Manga and 1 DVD, watch it first if you're interested, I heard Carlyn's coming back next month so was wondering if you guys got keep in contact and I can get free shipping back haha, I know I'm cheap.

Anyway just let me know how much the Shipping costs, I'll transfer you the cash wire or some way.

Ben Lam said...

yes, 2 manga and 1 dvd. I'll contact Carlyn see if she can carry back for u. it's more convenient~ haah