August 29, 2010

Disney's Beauty & the Beast Musical

Eventually, this musical brought back my childhood memories & dreams.

I remember every movies that I had watched with my parents, & this is one of it.
I used to sketch out the beast on the paper but it failed until the day I found the coloring book... XD

I can't remember how many times I've played the VHS I have.

Every animator & artist has the first thing that enlighten them when they're kids, & Beauty & the Beast is mine.

Listen to the scores & songs playing live is more stunning than I expected. =)

I found this in youtube, it played in KL, Malaysia~ though the sets, lighting & costume design was a little different. ^^


ben said...

btw, thesis is in progress now that it's not a good time to show yet.

I guess I not going to post any personal animation works for this few months.

& bye bye to all the interns I've applied.

TeaPotHead said...

i love this musical
i was once cast as lumier but due to a bunch of bull shittery the play was never put on
i still enjoy it throughly though