May 20, 2010

Drunk at End of Semester?

The last piece of work I did in this semester, & let it be the last post of this semester, Spring 2010..

Yes, it's over~~

Lotz of lotz of things happening but Im glad I still be able to get my work/ demoreel down by the end of this semester. =)

For this piece, I only have 3 weeks to work on it, as you can see how blocky it is.. sorry for the line quality too~
I think.. I would like to keep how it looks like right now.. if only I have extra time or a huge encouragement from you guys to push me to finish it. XP

I like the idea, sound & music help unfinished work looks a little bit better.. Don't you think so?
(Thanks Dean for providing his background drawings.)

Anyway, hope you like it!! (just hit the play button!)

Finally, I got the rejection email from Pixar internship this morning.
So what, that means Im not good enough & I've to keep working hard, hard, hard..!!

I will not give up. =)


HUNG said...

看起來很棒,與其說將inbetween加進去,我認為你把key frame以及breakdown的部分都已經處理得很好了。只有一個地方我有小建議,就是一開始走路時候的overlap的節奏與切換到第二個shot的地方節奏還有overlap的程度不一樣。另外想要分享的是,如同Tom在課堂說的,沒有辦法進入某些公司並不代表你不夠好,或許是你的東西與他們所期許的有所差異。而你文末這樣積極的態度我很認同,利用剩下畢業前的時間厚植自己以及精實技能,相信成功指日可待,大家都加油吧!共勉之~~

Ben Lam said...

haha Thanks so much for ur comments & encouragement~!
I believe God is leading everything & I need to do my best at the same time, I've faith in HIM all the time where ever HE lead me to.

All the best with ur work too. Can see u got lotz improved from last sem. It almost equal with how much u improved ur Thai.. XD

Marcus Tee Jin Liang said...

Add fuel.... i know 2d is tedious most of the time but keep pushing through!

Marcus Tee Jin Liang said...

Oh, frame up the rejection letter too, so that you can hang it on your wall when you're at Pixar :)

Ben Lam said...

hahah JLiang, I actually enjoy & love animate 2d now~

& I like ur suggestion, it's awesome, i will hang it soon~~ ^^