November 08, 2008

美食~attacks!! ------Cheesecake------

is my new added category~ To share whatever food I've ever tried! Nice or bad, any food~! If you have any good food recommendation, remember to drop a comment here~ To share among whoever visit my blog, share among food lover, whoever love good foods!! *Cheers~

新增项目,为大家分享我品尝过的美食, 不限好与坏, 纯粹分享&介绍。 欢迎大家有何好推介务必在这留留言, 为了贪吃的我们~!! 谢谢^^

Attack #01: First cheesecake I tried in San Francisco, from a shop downstairs my apartment.

Top Layer:
Mid Layer:
Thin Crispy Chocolate Biscuit

一口Cheesecake, 入口即化





k said...

yer ben ... i wan eat ~!!!!

K's jie said...

Yer, I also wan!

西门小弟 said...

careful become FAT AR!!!~~~ hahaha

Ben Lam said...

hmm.. OK, I'll let K'sJie eat but K cannot eat~~!

already fat luu so don't care! hohoho

k said...

mm? Why on earth is K's Jie posting msg here too!!??
K's Jie -- y u so keh poh!
Heheh ..

Ben Lam, did u get it from a cake shop? or jst a cafe?
Have u tried the cheesecake factory yet?

k said...

HEY~~ why i can't have it!?? I tot I was the one who like it ....
Yerr ...

Ben Lam said...

I got it from a cafe, I wanted to get a cup of coffee at 1st, but then saw their cheesecake looks very delicious.. cant stand it..~

havent try cheesecake factory yet, I'll try 1 day (mayb after this semester edn) for sure!

'孔融让梨' 小的要让大的吃先,so K'sJie can eat lo!

ok la, since u attended class yesterday, I let u eat... 一口~

k said...

Pppuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ....
一口 only?????
Cannot la.. 一口 i can't tell whether it is a delicious cheesecake anot. I have to eat the whole thing to tell u see~!!?

em .. why eat cheesecake must wait semester end 1 ar? To 獎赏 yourself?

K's jie said...

you left the blog trail on my computer so i 'checked it out' loo.
not keh poh, coz K's jie is also a foodie and like to check out places to makan, especially in SanFran... who knows, one day...

Benny Lam- do you get Pinkberry in SanFran? They do frozen yoghurt.. yum yum.

K - no cheesecake for you!!! hehehe. dai sei dai sei

Ben Lam said...

HAhaha dai sei dai sei

I not really into yogurt so I haven't been noticed there's 'Pinkberry' in SF...but I do see some shops selling yogurts, forgot the name.. will check it out~

K; yea, I'm thinking to reward myself as I've completed 1 semester. You know.. need a lil celebration to encourage wanna join?

西门小弟 said...

can i join? XD

Ben Lam said...


k said...

幸灾乐祸? yer ...
don wan join u go eat liao lor!

(can u dabao for me?)

Ben Lam said...

I used to be alone now, so it's ok u don wan to join...

ei no no... join me plsss...~~