October 07, 2008

The Power of BAK KUT TEH

You gave me power.
You gave me strength.
You gave me encouragement.
You gave me warm.
I love you, BAK KUT TEH.

The Journey to BAK KUT TEH.. (from my house)

Almost there...

China Town Gate


The Menu

I finally ate bak kut teh in Golden Mountain!! Have been dreaming about you since I came here. Taste not bad, price is ok. I get what I want tonight, I'm satisfied~


西门小弟 said...


ben said...


Ben Lam said...


k said...

photographing + good food !??
Hahaha ... good good!
It is good to see you getting back the 元気-ness in you! hehehe ...
Eee... the pictures look so yummy* I wonder if it taste good at all? Somehow, I am sure you felt warm while enjoying tis meal ... ^.^
Hope you will always be HAppY

p/s: I haven't been 巴生 eat bak kut teh!!!!! (=.=" [汗])

Ben Lam said...

ms. k: when you come here, I'll bring you to eat; when I back malaysia, I'll bring you to eat! (klang 1)

k said...

If I go 金山 I do not want to eat Bak Kut Teh Ben~!
I want eat ... 道地食物 ;)
Em .. Maybe .............. Burger?? heheh ... I don't know* U should find it and bring me. Your mission!

When back Malaysia, don't just bring me to Klang eat ... Belanja me too ok ;)
Heeee ..............

Ben Lam said...

I did ask few American I met here, what is the 道地食物 in US? nobody can answer me, they also don't know.

Somehow they said the best thing in Gold Mountain is that you can try variety foods from all over the world.... =.=

But fast food is really nice, esp their french fries~

I looking for nice dessert shop here, coz I know you like it~ hehehehe

Memashow said...

Wow... the food looks really nice.
Is it delicious? hehe


ben said...

Hi OH~
Ya, it's delicious. is a Malaysian Chinese famous food.
You can have a try 1 day ^^

btw, your display picture looks so much like you! awesome~

k said...

Dessert~??!!! Yiiipeeeeeee...
I want dessert!! MUAhahaha~
My sis told me that NY has a lot of DELICIOUS dessert shop eh* some are from JAPAN ~!... Whoa ... I wan go NY! Maybe SF also have?
Find out Ben ... attract me go there kekek ....
[though i still waiting money to appear]
is the burger there nice? besides carl's junior =.="

ben said...

I tried burger(not fast food)once here before.. not that nice ei, I think fast food nicer.. perhaps I went to a wrong shop gua...

I waiting you to appear here la, otherwise I'll have to eat all the DELICIOUS dessert by myself here...~
no matter how many nice dessert shop I found here..

ASN said...

MUST BE VERY NICE to had BAK KUT TEH over there :) maybe they should mix bak kut teh with burger haha :) fat meet with burger and replace coke with the sup, haha..

Ben Lam said...


k said...

Ben, have you actually gone out there and seek for a dessert shop at all? Hmm ... cz so far I haven't heard any of your comments on dessert ..more comments on malaysian food though ;)
Well, I guess guys don't really like dessert anyways ... most guys don't like sweet food?
I guess you went to the wrong burger place ben, cz I heard Yi Qing said that they have very yummy burger in US and it is quite easy to find a yummy one.
Hmm .. different people have different feedback on US burger neh ... mayb you guys differ in your taste?
Nvm, UK also got yummy burger ... I shall bring you there if you still can't get to eat tasty one in SF (heheh ....)

ben said...

I didn't really go out to look for a dessert shop on purpose, but I did pass by few when I walking along the street.
& yes, though I found few but I didn't try it, so no comments at all.
I love cheesecake the most, among all the desserts. Does cheesecake consider desserts? others are okok only. & I saw 1 place called The Cheesecake Factory, sound attractive, like Willy Wonka factory.. but still, haven't try it..
I definitely went to a wrong burger shop, maybe later lunch or dinner I'll go try a yummy 1~

西门小弟 said...

Klang also not every where also nice de , last weekend i eat a lousy bak kut teh at klang TT-TT

ben said...

aiks, nowadays also got cheating one in Klang..
I think under the bridge that one is the best??

k said...

i LOVE cheesecake too~!!!!
They actually have a cheesecake FACTORY?? Whoa ....~~
I want to go!! hahah ....
Issit like a cafe or what? Is the shop very big?

ben said...

I don't know how it looks like because it located top floor inside a mall, & I couldn't find the escalator to go up there + I was rushing to go other place, so end up I failed to find that shop. (there's no lift to go to that floor straight, what a weird place..)
but I do saw ppl carry the cheesecake box around... looks delicious~~

西门小弟 said...

under bridge!! i long time din go there liao lo, dono how was it liao >.<

Anonymous said...

I've been to the Cheese Cake Factory once above Macy's right. You have to go into Macy's and take the escalator from there to the top floor. It's a chain restaurant, they have Cheese Cake Factory all over the U.S. in big cities. They serve western food and famous for their desert, a whole variety of cheesecake. I like the Godiva Cheesecake, very sweet though. So just wanna let you know that it is not a cake shop per se but people usually go there for lunch or dinner and have meals there. But I guess if you don't wanna eat there you could just take your desert to go. Their menu is quite expensive I think, just fyi.

Btw, I'm going to San Francisco in 2 weeks with my Romanian boyfriend and he never really tried Bah Kut Teh except for the one that I cooked which I don't think taste very much like the real bah kut teh, cause I used the package that was sent to me from Malaysia. I'm excited to take him to the place that you mentioned.

I like how you have pictures of the direction. I've been to SF and I think I kinda know how to get there from seeing your pictures.